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EBARA Participates in Cambodia-Japan Business Matching Fair on Water Supply

February 5, 2015

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) participated in the Cambodia-Japan Business Matching Fair on Water Supply, which was held in Cambodia on December 17 & 18, 2014. The fair began with an opening speech from Mr. Cham Prasidh, the Cambodian Minister of Industry and Handicrafts. Over 150 participants took part over the course of the two days, they compromised of the proprietors of private water supply businesses, as well as the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA), regional public water supply bureaus, and the Cambodia Water Supply Association (CWA), and amongst others.

Cambodia is said to have electricity rates that are prominently higher than those in other countries within Southeast Asia, and its electricity supply is in an unstable state of affairs. It is said that reducing electrical consumption will be a major key point in the introduction of machinery/hardware into retail facilities, hotels and buildings etc.

At EBARA’s booth, EBARA gave introductions in Khmer/Cambodian covering basic pump knowledge and water supply units that make use of inverters etc., in cooperation with its Cambodian distributor, TEM Trading Co., Ltd. There were numerous questions from participants regarding pump selection, addition of extra pumps, and their energy-saving effects. In a questionnaire conducted after the event, EBARA was chosen 2nd out of the more than 10 Japanese companies that participated in the fair as having a company and products which particularly interested participants.

As a company that began from the design and manufacture of pumps, EBARA continues to contribute to the development of Southeast Asian countries through the provision of pumps and other products and services.

EBARA’s booth at the fair
EBARA’s booth at the fair
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