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EBARA Launches a New Wafer Plating System, Model UFP300A

December 16, 2015

The Precision Machinery Business of EBARA CORPORATION (hereafter referred as “EBARA”) has launched a new model of wafer plating system, one of its core products.
In the new system, Model UFA300A, the wafer transfer mechanism has been enhanced, and the numbers of cleaning/drying units have been increased, achieving an outstanding high-productivity throughput of 100 wafers per hour for the re-distribution wiring application. In addition, a number of plating cell are now modularized so that it serves various demands for production plans and the process needs of diverse customers.

Today, in the new era of the IoT *, the semiconductor packaging market is advancing towards much higher efficiency and smaller form factor. With this trend, the performance requirement for the wafer level packaging plating process has become stricter and more diverse.
By launching this new system, EBARA achieves both high productivity and a flexible platform, and has developed a tool mechanism that can adapt to various substrates in Fan-out technology, which has attracted so much attention in the market. In the process performance field, EBARA’s own development of the unique vertical plating cell technology and high speed paddling technology, which has already been used in the mass production of leading semiconductor manufacturers, achieves the highest level of performance in the industry. This new system is unquestionably a true solution that achieves all three critical performances (good process performance, high productivity and flexibility) required by the market.
EBARA expects that it will become an excellent solution for the semiconductor packaging market that will continue to grow in the future.

The new Model UFP300A will be introduced in panels at SEMICON Japan 2015 held at Tokyo Big Sight starting today.

Note) A plating system is a system that forms a metallic film in micrometer units (one thousandth of a meter) by electro-plating technology in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The metallic film is used for a signal transfer or a power supply within a semiconductor chip.

* IoT is an abbreviation for “Internet of Things”.
Notes) Model ○○ is our model code.