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EBARA Obtains the Highest DBJ Health Management Rating --First Company to Obtain the Highest Rank under DBJ’s Three Ratings--

January 29, 2016

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) obtained the highest rating under the “DBJ Health Management Rating” conducted by the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (“DBJ”), and today received a loan based on this rating. The “DBJ Health Management Rating” loan recognizes companies whose efforts to monitor their employees’ health are excellent, based on the unique system developed by DBJ. The terms of the loan are specified in accordance with the rating.

In years past EBARA has also obtained the highest ratings under the “DBJ Environmental Rating” and the “DBJ BCM Rating.” With the acquisition of the highest rank under the DBJ Health Management Rating, it has become the first company to obtain the highest rank for all three ratings based on the Rated Loan Program provided by the DBJ.

For details about rating EBARA received under the system, please visit the DBJ homepage below.

EBARA will continue to actively promote efforts to enhance the health of its employees. It regards their mental and physical health as an important management issue in terms of improving productivity and creating a vibrant workplace.