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EBARA Receives Order for a Turbo Refrigerator for the China Central Place(CCP)

February 18, 2016

Our Group company, Yantai Ebara Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. (“Yantai Ebara”; headquarters: Shandong, China), received an order for a turbo refrigerator of Model RTBF series. This product will be used in the heat supply facilities of the China Central Place(CCP).
Yantai Ebara has been involved in the production and sales of refrigerators since it was established 1996, and has a record of delivering a great variety of products predominantly in China. Recognized for its performance over the years, Yantai Ebara was selected to help with the repairs of the heat supply facilities in the China Central Place(CCP), which is an intelligent high office building.
There is strong demand for refrigerators in China, and it is considered to be the world’s largest market for turbo refrigerators for industrial applications. Yantai Ebara expanded its production plant in May 2014 to meet this demand for refrigerators.

Since developing Japan’s first turbo refrigerator in 1930, EBARA has built an impressive track record in Japan, China, and other countries around the world. Yantai Ebara will continue working to help address global warming through the provision of products and services.


- Customer:China Central Place(CCP)
- Order: Turbo refrigerator of Model RTBF series×3 units (Total refrigerating capacity: 4,650 tons)
- Completion date: March 15, 2016
- Value: Approx 160,000,000yen
― The China Central Place(CCP) ―
― The China Central Place(CCP) ―
Notes) Model ○○ is our model code.