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EBARA Has Shipped New Model Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

March 4, 2016

EBARA MACHINERY ZIBO CO., LTD. (hereafter referred to as “EMZ”) of EBARA CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as “EBARA”) has shipped new model double suction centrifugal pumps to a chemistry plant in Fujian Province, China.
The double suction centrifugal pumps that have been shipped are a new series of C model pumps for water supply and power generation plants, and they have achieved high efficiency to suit the energy saving era by using CFD and structural analysis techniques. The pump casing is 20% more compact than the current model. Moreover, the pump of this model is built so that the top and bottom can be separated, making maintenance easy.

In China, where the economy is growing immensely, plants and infrastructure-related facilities are expected to continue to expand in the future. EBARA, with its depth of experience and achievements, will continue to meet the needs of the Chinese market, and at the same time it will contribute to the world by continuing to take on challenges in the technology development of a variety of pumps, supporting infrastructure around the world.

Shipped pump  (Photo taken in factory in Shandong Province, China before shipping)
Shipped pump
(Photo taken in factory in Shandong Province, China before shipping)
Model CXW
Number of units 21 units
- 8 units with suction diameter 600mm and discharge diameter 400mm
- 13 units with suction diameter 700mm and discharge diameter 450mm
Flow rate x Total head x Axis power (a general value) Suction diameter 600mm:3000 m3/h x 60m x 630 kW
Suction diameter 700mm:6000 m3/h x 60m x 1250 kW
Shipping destination Fujian Province, People's Republic of China
Shipping date January 2016
Value of order About 150 million yen

Notes) Model “###” shown above is a model number of EBARA.