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EBARA Ships a Submersible Motor Pump with World-Leading Output

August 1, 2017

The pump shipped by EBARA (Photo taken at Futtsu Plant)

 Ebara Corporation (hereinafter “EBARA”) shipped a submersible motor pump with world-leading output of 3 350 HP (2 500 kW) for a pump station that supplies water for daily use to Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. The pump is a double suction single stage vertical suspended pump that is driven by a submersible motor. Consisting of twenty-four 5.2-meter column pipes* that are joined together, this pump boasts a total length of approx. 130 meters. It is the longest pump and has the highest output among EBARA’s large submersible motor pumps.

 This pump features high suction performance, enabled by the adoption of a double-suction, single-stage structure for the impeller. It also features a reduced load on the thrust bearing, made possible by balancing the hydro thrust force.

 Las Vegas, the largest city in the state of Nevada, is also known as “the city in the desert.” Its water is supplied from the lake at the Hoover Dam (Lake Mead), which is 48 kilometers away. In recent years, the water level of the Hoover Dam has been remarkably lower, making it necessary to use a lifting pump that is at least 100 meters to move the water from the dam. Generally, a submersible motor pump of this size comes in a multi-stage structure comprising multiple impellers. For the Hoover Dam, EBARA has made full use of its expertise in hydro engineering and succeeded in achieving the required performance using an impeller with a single-stage structure, which is compatible with a wide range of operations. The single-stage structure is simple and parts-saving. It ensures easy maintenance. Therefore it is expected to reduce the lifecycle cost for the client.
 EBARA has delivered many large water supply pumps to the Southern Nevada Water Authority. In 2007, it delivered six highly valued surface pumps in a vertical, mixed-flow, multi-stage structure to supply Las Vegas with water for daily use from the lake.

 EBARA will continue to contribute to the global water infrastructure with its high level of technological capability.

Model 900BHSYD double suction single stage vertical suspended pump that is driven by a submersible motor
Diameter 900 mm
Flow rate (corresponding value) 20 835 gpm (78.86 m3/min)
Total pump head (corresponding value) 435 ft (132.6 m)
Motor output (corresponding value) 3 350 HP (2 500 kW)
Delivery destination Nevada, U.S.
Shipment completed May 2017
Column pipes are used to lift water discharged from volute casing to above the ground. They also play the role of retaining pump parts, such as the submersible motor, impellers, and volute casing.