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EBARA Delivers Highly Efficient Pumps to Filtration Plant in Vietnam

December 7, 2017

Highly efficient, energy saving pumps delivered to the filtration plant of the public water supply company in Da Nang, Vietnam

Ebara Vietnam Pump Company Limited (“EVPC”), a group company of Ebara Corporation (“EBARA”) in Vietnam, delivered nine highly efficient, energy saving pumps (three intake pumps and six distribution pumps) to the filtration plant of the public water supply company in Da Nang, Vietnam. The EVPC pumps were adopted not only on the basis of pump performance (high efficiency) but also because of EVPC’s track record in providing an integrated service from plans to after sales service for many years.

This project is designed to update the existing pumps to highly efficient pumps in the filtration plant, and is the first project involving intercity cooperation with Da Nang in the Yokohama City Y-PORT project ※1. Also, it has been approved as facility assistance in the financial support project of FY2017 Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) operated by the Ministry of the Environment※2. Delivery of these pumps is expected to reduce the power consumption of about 2 million kWh annually, compared with the figures before. (in terms of greenhouse gas, the reduction of 1,145 tons of Co2.)

EBARA maintains the branch in Vietnam for more than 20 years and has provided more than 1,000 pumps for agriculture, irrigation, water supply and sewerage systems, flood countermeasures and others. The pumps delivered this time were produced in the new EVPC plant which opened in May last year. The new plant provides integrated production systems from casting production to pump assembly and testing, in addition to the production of large pumps and pumps with diverse specifications.
The EBARA Group will continue to contribute ensuring the sustainability of the global environment, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas, by providing products and service solutions.

※1 The Y-PORT, Yokohama Partnership of Resources and Technologies, an international technical cooperation project through a public-private partnership that harnesses Yokohama’s technology and know-how in order to help resolve urban issues in emerging countries, and support overseas business for companies. It was launched in January 2011 by Yokohama City
※2 The mechanism in which the Japan’s Ministry of the Environment provides subsidies for capital investment costs for businesses, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emission by utilizing superior low carbon technologies in developing countries, and obtaining bilateral credits according to the Japan’s contribution.
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