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EBARA Launches a New Plating System, Model UFP600AS

December 13, 2017

The Precision Machinery Company of Ebara Corporation (“EBARA”) has launched a new model of plating system, one of its core products.

The new system, Model UFP600AS, performs plating of large-sized rectangular substrates. It features both the outstanding plating performance attained with the conventional models of EBARA’s Model UFP Series of plating systems and enhanced productivity based on the introduction of larger-sized and rectangular substrates.

The fan-out wafer level package (WLP) technology has been rapidly spreading in recent years as a next-generation semiconductor packaging approach. For this technology, EBARA’s existing system, Model UFP300A, has been adopted by leading manufacturers in the semiconductor industry.
With growing demand for enhanced performance and higher density in the semiconductor packaging market, the fan-out panel level package (PLP) technology employing large-sized rectangular substrate is drawing attention for further improvement in productivity.

For this new system, EBARA has newly developed a handling mechanism for transportation and plating of large-sized rectangular substrates. This mechanism helps succeed the vertical plating cell structure and high-speed paddling technology that has achieved the industry’s highest level of processing performance with the existing system, and enables this new model to attain a remarkable level of plating performance and productivity with large-sized rectangular substrates.

EBARA believes that this new system will respond to challenging needs of customers with the leading-edge semiconductor packaging technology solution.

The new Model UFP600AS will be introduced in posters at SEMICON Japan 2017 held at Tokyo Big Sight starting today.

(A plating system is a system that forms a metallic film in micrometer units [one thousandth of a meter] by electro-plating technology in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The metallic film is used for a signal transfer or a power supply within a semiconductor chip.)

Model ○○○ is our model code.