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EBARA Holds EOI International Symposium

Jun 7, 2018

Speakers at EOI International Symposium

Ebara Corporation (hereafter referred to as “EBARA”) held the 1st Ebara Open Innovation International Symposium on CMP at Fujisawa District in May, 2018. Eight prominent professors from at home and abroad were invited who have conducted joint research with EBARA in the field of CMP.

Under the slogan “BRDIP + ABA,”* EBARA has been conducting research and development to contribute to businesses as well as activities to contribute to academia and professional associations. EBARA started EOI (Ebara Open Innovation) in 2010 to conduct research and development in collaboration with external research institutions. Currently, the company is conducting research and development in cooperation with more than 30 universities and 50 laboratories. Featuring systematic lectures on the joint research of the guest speakers, business division members and corporate researchers, which were followed by active discussions, this symposium mainly aimed to encourage the revitalization of the research while deepening mutual understanding and friendship among those involved. The guest speakers were Prof. S. V. Babu (Clarkson Univ., USA), Prof. J. G. Park (Hanyang Univ., South Korea), Prof. C. C. A. Chen (NTUST, Taiwan), Prof. T. S. Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ., South Korea), Prof. K. Amagai (Gunma Univ.), Prof. T. Fukuma (Kanazawa Univ.), Prof. N. Suzuki (Nagoya Univ.), and Prof. T. Sanada (Shizuoka Univ.). The symposium was held with English as the official language, with more than 100 participants, mainly consisting of employees from Ebara's Precision Machinery Company.

EBARA will continue to carry out research and development using Open Innovation and strengthen the competitiveness of each business.

1) BRDIP: EBARA's slogan that integrates Business, R&D and IP.
2) ABA: EBARA's slogan that means Academy, Business and Associations.