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Launch of GSO Model for Industrial Process Pumps, The First ISO 5199 Certified Product of EBARA

June 4, 2019


EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) launches the GSO model for industrial process pumps mainly in China and Southeast Asia markets in June 2019. In addition to existing GS and GSS models, the new GSO model expands EBARA’s product lines. Compatible with different applications ranging from freshwater to chemical solutions, the GS series will be developed as global key products around the world after China and Southeast Asia, which are initial target markets.

1. Background
The global industrial pump market is nearly 1 trillion yen. The demands for high quality, low prices and quick delivery time are increasing in domestic and overseas plant facilities. EBARA developed the GSO, a new model that satisfies the ISO 2858 and ISO 5199* international standards for chemical pumps, by leveraging the company’s advanced standardization and mass production technologies for standard pump business, as well as the engineering technology for the custom pumps. Particularly, it is very strict to meet ISO 5199 in terms of vibration and shaft deflection. The GSO is EBARA’s first product confirmed to ISO 5199. Along with the addition of the new model, we will bring the series of the reliable EBARA brand to the worldwide pump market.

2. Product overview
|Compliant with international standards ISO 2858 and ISO 5199.
|The newly developed impeller achieves a high-efficiency operation.
|The hard structure makes the product more durable.
|Reduces product cost and delivery time.
|Save maintenance cost.

3. Future plan
To position the new model as core products, EBARA will expand the product line and establish the EBARA brand in the industrial process pump market as well.

4. Lineup
Model Suction size
Liquid temperature
Max. working pressure
Materials Standards
GSO 50 to 250 Up to 1400
(50 or・60 Hz)
Up to 150 (50 Hz)
Up to 140 (60 Hz)
-30 to 150 1.6 304 / 316 stainless steel ISO 2858
ISO 5199
GS 50 to 250 Up to 1300 (50 Hz)
Up to 1500 (60 Hz)
Up to 150
(50・or 60 Hz)
-10 to 140 1.6 (2.5) Cast iron
(Ductile cast iron)
EN 733
GSS 50 to 200 Up to 1200 (50 Hz)
Up to 870 (60 Hz)
Up to 160 (50 Hz)
Up to 140 (60 Hz)
-25 to 140 1.6 304 / 316 stainless steel EN 733

5. Reference

6. Inquiries about the new model, GSO
Industrial Pump Department (

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ISO international standards are provided by the International Organization for Standardization in domains such as industrial products, technology, food safety, agriculture and healthcare.

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