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July 6, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) has delivered 114 units of equipment including water supply pumps and blowers to ”HANEA INNOVATION CITY”(HICity)which was opened on July 3, 2020 (Grand Opening in 2022).

“HICity” is a large scale complex with the total floor area of approx. 130,000 square meters, directly connected to “Tenkubashi Station”, one train/monorail stop from the Haneda Airport Terminal 3, being developed by “Haneda Future Development Co., Ltd.*1). The purpose of “HICity” is to “make Haneda the place where Japan’s innovations start”. With “Cutting-edge” and “Culture” as the core industries of this town, it will provide proving tests using cutting-edge technologies and opportunities to experience Japan’s culture.
EBARA delivered various types of equipment addressing necessary usage demanded by this innovative facility that will become a center for creating new industries and origination point.

2.Overview of main equipment
Water Supply Pump Fresher 3100
First in the industry, this pump is equipped with NFC communication functionality (Fresher LINK), essential to facilities where efficiency and labor saving are required.

Equipped with NFC Communication Function*2 Operation status can be checked easily with a smart phone.
Data utilization increases efficiency of inspection and administrative work
Equipped with Water Hammer control function Control function without burden on water pipes

3. EBARA’s Future Development
As Japan’s markets mature, EBARA, with its rich sales track records in Japan, aims at higher goals utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI, while contributing to solving social problems through various products and services.
EBARA Group aims at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG materiality issues based on its long-term vision and mid-term management plan and makes efforts to further increase its corporate value.

Project Name Haneda Airport site 1st zone development project
Main Functions Cutting-edge Mobility Center (with proving ground), Advanced Medicine Research Center (Medicine, Research Facilities, Accommodation), R&D Facilities (Laboratories, Large Offices), Ota-ku Utilization Space, Culture Experience Commercial Facilities, Art & Technology Center, Hydrogen Station, Common Sharing Space, Etc.
Address 1-1-4, Haneda Kuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Public Transport Directly connected to “Tenkuubashi Stn.” , Keikyu Haneda Airport line/Tokyo Monorail
Site Area Approx. 5.9ha ※The whole 1st zone is about 16.5ha
Total Floor Area Approximately 131,000m2
Size 11 floors above ground, 1 floor underground

*1Haneda Future Development Co., Ltd. is invested by the following nine(9) companies: Kajima Corporation, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Keikyu Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., AIRPORT FACILITIES CO., LTD., East Japan Railway Company
TOKYO MONORAIL CO., LTD., Nomura Real Estate Partners Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Corporation. This time, EBARA delivered pumps and other equipment to the Daiwa House Industry construction zone.

*2NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”, a short-range wireless communication technology using the frequency 13.55MHz. It is used as user friendly communication system triggered by a “Touch” move to the equipment.