Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

Corporate Ethics

EBARA's entire business framework is based on a corporate culture filled with passion, dedication, and a commitment to bettering society through our core competencies.

Over the 100 years of EBARA’s existence, we have strived to maintain the values established by our founding spirit that emphasizes conducting business in a fashion that fosters trust with all stakeholders.

We espouse a responsible approach to corporate citizenship that is in line with EBARA’s values and focuses on the positive impact of our global enterprise on the world. Our approach is structured in the following way, placing emphasis on each tier in a way that leverages the core competencies of our employees and company.


We call the top three elements the Ebara Way. The EBARA Way is the unchanging ideals that set EBARA employees apart. Regardless of which business segment or where in the world you are doing business, EBARA is committed to acting with passion and dedication in accordance with the Founding Spirit to fulfill our Corporate Philosophy while acting in line with our CSR policy.

Founding Spirit: Passion and Dedication

Passion and Dedication:“Both the employees and company shall strive for growth with passion and dedication to bring forth originality and ingenuity, rather than simply fulfilling the task at hand. When working with passion and dedication there is nothing that cannot be communicated to others” – Issey Hatakeyama, Founder of EBARA CORPORATION”

“Netsu to Makoto” (Passion and Dedication) attributes accountability to all employees in fulfilling their tasks, and calls on EBARA people to approach their job with a passion and dedication that brings forth ingenuity and originality. The spirit is part of our DNA and asserts that genuine passion and dedication in any dealings with others will always be recognized and valued.

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to society through high quality technologies and services relating to water, air and the environment.

It is the mission of the EBARA Group to develop our core competencies, products and services to create solutions for the issues facing the world today.

By supporting the global community through our core competencies and business dealings and focusing on the environment and sustainability we hope to make the world greener and healthier for future generations.

CSR Policy: Ethics and Trust

EBARA is committed to conducting business in line with our CSR Policy. The EBARA Group’s CSR Policy consists of two parts: Ethics and Trust, each built on several underlying elements.

1. Ethics; We conduct our business with a strong sense of ethics.

1 Pride; we take pride in our role supporting society, industry and life.
2 Products and Services; we satisfy customers with inventive products and services.
3 Competition; we practice our business based on free and fair competition.
4 Environment; we play our part in improving the global environment.

These four elements indicate our responsibilities as a business. In short, we take pride in our role supporting society, industry, and life by supplying innovative products and services under free and fair competition. Through these activities, we play our part in improving the global environment.

2. Trust; We foster trust with our valued stakeholders.

5 Passion and Dedication; we pursue all activities with passion and dedication.
6 Human rights and Diversity; we respect human rights and diversity above all else.
7 Disclosure; we develop mutual understanding with stakeholders through transparent and fair disclosure.
8 Work Environment; we sustain a safe workplace and strive for a stimulating work environment.
9 Communication; we utilize high-quality communication to be an industrial firm all stakeholders take pride in.

These five elements are our responsibilities to our stakeholders. EBARA defines stakeholders as customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, local communities and employees. In order to foster trust with our valued stakeholders, we pursue all activities with passion and dedication, respect human rights and diversity and develop mutual understanding through transparent and fair disclosure. We also strive for a stimulating work environment and a safe workplace and utilize high-quality communication to be a firm all stakeholders take pride in.

Management Policy

We have been able to support society and contribute to the resolution of social issues through our over 108 year-history because customers have chosen us for our reliability, technological capabilities, and continuing spirit of “Passion and Dedication.” Looking ahead at the next 100 years of human civilization and the global environment, we can foresee numerous challenges facing humanity such as, abnormal weather and natural disasters intensifying due to climate change, storm surges due to rising sea levels, land erosion, and depletion of food and water resources. In addition, the technologies of the information age are expected to evolve even further, pushing the limits of semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing technologies and bringing drastic change to current lifestyles and the digital world.

In these relatively unstable and difficult to read circumstances, we have a responsibility to indicate our vision, policies and strategies for the future, and we have done so within “E-Vision 2030.”

Company Regulations

Our Company Regulations are clear guidelines that define how we function. These include the determinations of various responsibilities and authorities of each department and person in charge, as well as clear and concise rules.

EBARA Group Code of Conduct

The EBARA Group Code of Conduct sets the standard for directors and employees of the EBARA Group to exercise sound judgement, carry out their work, and take responsibility for their actions in compliance with laws and internal regulations, always maintaining a high standard of ethics and pride.


Chapter 1: Our Mission and Pride

1 . Customer Orientation
2 . Business Operations
3 . Technology and Production
4 . Procurement

Chapter 2: Our Commitment

1 . Respect for Fundamental Human Rights
2 . Corruption Prevention
3 . Information Management and Disclosure
4 . Management and Maintenance of Corporate Assets
5 . Good Working Environments
6 . Global Environment
7 . Harmony with Local Communities and Society

Appendix: Five Basic Principles for Action
Whenever we act, we check our conduct against the following five principles:

1 . Realize that any action, no matter how trivial, can lead to serious consequences.
2 . Confirm the objective and meaning of actions before carrying them out.
3 . Follow fixed procedures and rules when carrying out actions.
4 . Review actions, confirm them, and take responsibility for their results.
5 . Adopt a wide perspective and consider areas outside one’s own responsibility when carrying out actions.