Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

Human Rights

Basic Policy on Respecting Human Rights

Respect for the human rights and diversity of stakeholders is expressly provided for in the EBARA Group CSR Policy and is put into practice. By engaging in corporate activities with respect for human rights, we strive to gain the trust of stakeholders, build good relationships, and increase corporate value. Our approach to human rights is based on the International Labour Organization’s international labor standards.

Human Rights System

The EBARA Group considers responding to human rights issues, including raising awareness of human rights as well as harassment, as an integral part of our compliance promotion activities. Our Compliance Promotion Section is set as a specialist department to investigate, and take action against human rights violations.

The EBARA Group has internal and external hotlines in place for EBARA Group officers, employees and their families, suppliers, customers, and others to report any compliance violations. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Group takes action to ascertain its veracity and respond promptly, while protecting the privacy of the complainant.

External Compliance Hotline An external attorney is available to address any compliance violations, including those related to human rights. All stakeholders, including officers, employees, their family members, suppliers, and so on may make inquiries. Corrective measures are then taken to resolve any issue.
Internal Compliance Hotline Internal Compliance Hotline is operated by the Compliance Promotion Section and deals with compliance violations in general in addition to harassment issues.
Compliance Liaisons Compliance Liaisons are personnel who act as on-site consultants for compliance-related issues. There are currently around 80 active personnel all around Japan.

Human Rights Education / Training

The EBARA Group aims to increase the understanding of employees about human rights and human rights issues every year through sharing educational materials with employees on the intranet and and other activities. The Group also trains every new employee, as well as any employee about to be deployed overseas, about human rights. The Group implements this with the intent to enable employees to be aware of and take action against human rights violations.

Other Human Rights Initiatives

  • Education to increase understanding about the LGBT community conducted for Compliance Liaisons in FY2016.
  • Participation by personnel of the Compliance Promotion Section in sectional meetings of the Global Compact Network Japan. This information regarding human rights is then provided to the Group.
  • Consideration of concrete ways to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities at domestic group companies.
  • Slogans to disseminate human rights awareness have been periodically collected from among the Group.
  • Participation by personnel of the Compliance Promotion Section in some external events for human rights such as, "Human Rights Festa Tokyo 2016."