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Ebara Engineering Review No.238

Applicability to advanced water purification of the coconut shell spherical activated carbon “Ebadia LG-40” series

by Katsuaki SATO, Kohji TAKAHASHI, & Takahiro OHKAWA

We have developed the “Ebadia LG-40” series, a high-performance and high-hardness spherical activated carbon derived from coconut shell, which has an enhanced proportion of mesopores and macropores (2 nm or more in size), by adding a special binder to pulverized coconut shell and carbonizing/activating the material after kneading/mixing, compression, and spheroidizing.
Through comparison tests, the “Ebadia LG-40” series has been demonstrated to be superior to typical crushed coal-based activated carbon or crushed coconut shell activated carbon in terms of organic matter treatment performance and activated carbon characteristics. This paper presents our findings regarding the applicability of the “Ebadia LG-40” series to advanced water purification, including reactivation and carbon dioxide emissions.

Coconut shell spherical activated carbon, “Ebadia LG-40” series, Advanced water purification, Spheroidizing, Mesopore, Macropore, High hardness, Biological activated carbon, Reactivation, Carbon dioxide emissions

Large Size Submersible Sewage Pump Model DSC4 for Overseas Markets

by Seiichiro YAMADA, & Masaaki IMAFUKU

This paper introduces the large submersible sewage pump model DSC4 for overseas markets. For this model, the 60 Hz series was originally developed for the North American market; the 50 Hz series was subsequently added. A new product has been added that features a large capacity and a wide output range. It is designed to meet functional and performance requirements in the global market, such as passage diameter, inverter control, dry pit installation, protective functions, and explosion-proof approval.

Submersible sewage pump, Dry pit installation, Quick discharge connector, Cartridge type double mechanical seal, Internal cooling system, Leakage detector, Temperature detector for bearing, Explosion-proof approval

PM Canned Motor Pump

by Takayuki KURONUMA, & Dai SAKIHAMA

Focusing on “energy savings” and “environmental friendliness”, we have developed two types of PM canned motor pumps: Model SSPC and model SSPD. These models use permanent magnet synchronous motors and resin cans to reduce heat generation, which has been a major cause of elevated motor temperatures in conventional canned motors. They also feature compact size (1/2 to 1/3 of conventional products) and high efficiency (approximately 25% more energy-efficient than conventional products).

Energy savings, Environmental friendliness, High efficiency, Permanent magnet motor, Canned motor, Induction motor, Eddy current, Revolving magnetic field, Harmonics, Magnetic attraction

Ebara Packaged Booster Pump Unit

by Hideji ISOBE

This product has been developed to achieve energy savings of water supply systems in buildings in Japan. Recent buildings have suffered from low water pressure at end points, such as water taps and hydrants; solutions for this problem that do not increase the entire water pressure of water supply systems have been in demand. To solve this problem, Ebara proposes the installation of a packaged booster pump unit near each end point to increase pressure by the amount required at the end point. For domestic-use water taps, required pressures depend on purposes and applications. A combination of a brushless DC motor and an inverter makes pump speeds variable, which enables this product to efficiently increase pressure to the target level. Introduction of this unit will eliminate energy loss in a building’s water supply and consequently enhance energy savings for the entire water supply system.

Water supply system, Low water pressure, Optimal water supply, Optimal water pressure, Energy savings, Booster pump, Heat pump water heater, High pressure shower, Sealless, Brushless DC motor