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A tradition of over 100 years of innovation

Business Activities

・Establishing a global manufacturing, sales, service and support network
Over the medium to long term, EBARA aims to become a leading industrial machinery
manufacturer globally with a worldwide presence in each of its business domains. To achieve this goal, the company recognizes the absolute necessity of moving beyond the framework of traditional manufacturers and evolving into a service-oriented business that handles products and facilities over their entire lifecycle. That means tailoring production at factories in every region of the world to meet the exact needs of customers. It also means having consulting and marketing handled by sales representatives who thoroughly understand their respective regions of the world. EBARA is expanding its operations globally to provide comprehensive customer support and after-sales service, including repair work and maintenance, so that customers know they can rely on its products after installation.

・Core competencies driven by technological capabilities
As an industrial machinery manufacturer, EBARA is leveraging its technological capabilities to drive its core competencies. The company’s core technologies not only include those applied in its products, but also those applied in production, quality control, and repairs and maintenance after equipment has been installed. Together, these allow the company to off er services covering the entire product lifecycle. At EBARA’s factories around the world, products are tailored to meet the needs of regional customers, and advanced production processes are optimized so that high-quality products can be delivered quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, in its after sales service and customer support, EBARA aims to offer optimal solutions to customers, even if machinery operating conditions change. By constantly refining its technologies, EBARA maintains its ability to provide dependable products and services that earn the trust of customers. The EBARA brand is now trusted worldwide, reflecting trusted worldwide, reflecting our support for industry and people’s livelihoods

・The EBARA brand is now trusted worldwide, reflecting trusted worldwide, reflecting our support for industry and people’s livelihoods
Since its founding more than 100 years ago, EBARA has been at the forefront of developing some of the world’s most advanced fluid technologies. Based on this know-how and by continually taking on challenges and pursuing innovations, EBARA has applied leading-edge technologies and provided unrivalled services that exceed customer expectations and meet the needs of society. Presently, EBARA consists of three in-house companies: the Fluid Machinery and Systems Company, specializing in pumps, compressors and other equipment; the Environmental Engineering Company, which builds and operates waste incineration plants; and the Precision Machinery Company, which focuses on semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Fluid Machinery & Systems Business

Pumps Business

Using the world’s water and energy resources more sustainably with advanced technologies and superior services

Using the world’s water and energy resources more sustainably with advanced technologies and superior services EBARA supplies the world with highly efficient and dependable pumps for water-related facilities such as water systems and desalination plants, and for energyrelated facilities including oil and gas and power plants. The company also develops products that conserve energy by more effi ciently utilizing energy resources. By ensuring optimal operations at facilities it has built or installed through after-sales service and customer support, EBARA provides superior service and leadingedge technologies designed to answer the diverse needs of every region around the world.

【Main products and servicing】
Large-scale pumps, High-pressure pumps, API pumps, Cryogenic pumps, Standard pumps, Fans

Compressors and Turbines Business

Elliott’s products are used worldwide as core components in oil refineries and petrochemical plants

Developed by Elliott Group, a principle subsidiary of EBARA Corporation, Elliott compressors and turbines are commonly used as core components of energy-related plants around the world, including oil, gas and liquefi ed natural gas (LNG) facilities. Leveraging an integrated design and production system, Elliott’s factories in both Japan and the US work closely together to ensure a global supply of products that boast a uniformly high level of quality. Moreover, Elliott offers superior service and support—not only for its own products but also for non-Elliott products—at its service centers located in every region of the world, ensuring that when it comes to support, The World Turns to Elliott.

【Main products and services】
Centrifugal compressors, Axial compressors, Steam turbines, Gas expanders

Chillers Business

Mitigating global warming with technologies that utilize exhaust heat and enable higher efficiency

In 1930, EBARA launched the first centrifugal chiller manufactured in Japan. In 1952, the company achieved another first with the country’s first domestically produced square-type cross-flow cooling tower. EBARA’s high-efficiency chillers, cooling towers and other equipment are designed with the environment in mind, and the company is promoting modern and advanced thermal-energy systems. Moreover, drawing on its many years of expertise, EBARA offers a full range of after-sales service and customer support and is extending it to key markets worldwide, particularly in China and Southeast Asia. In this way, EBARA is applying its capabilities to off er comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

【Main products and services】
High-efficiency centrifugal chillers, Absorption chiller/heaters, Square-type cooling towers, Screw modular chillers

Environmental Plants Business

Offering total solutions for waste treatment facilities

EBARA’s Environmental Plant Business is guided by its business philosophy of contributing to the creation of a sustainable society by providing superior technologies and services related to solid waste treatment. Accordingly, it off ers total solutions spanning from the design, engineering and construction of waste treatment facilities to their maintenance and operational management. Over the course of more than half a century, the business has built over 400 facilities and plants in Japan and other countries. Based on its waste treatment technologies developed over many years, the business responds to changing social needs, such as giving greater consideration to the environment and how resources are used.

【Main products and services】
Waste treatment facilities and equipment, Waste incineration power plants, Waste recycling facilities, Biomass power generation facilities

Precision Machinery Business

Driving the evolution of semiconductors with high-precision manufacturing technologies

Dry vacuum pumps create the clean production environments essential for manufacturing semiconductors, flat-panel displays, LEDs and solar cells. Meanwhile, chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) systems enable the miniaturization of semiconductors, which enhance the performance of computers, smartphones, digital consumer electronics goods and automobiles. With these products, EBARA has been accelerating technical progress in the advanced semiconductor industry.

【Main products and services】
Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) systems, Plating systems, Bevel polishing equipment, Dry vacuum pumps, Turbo molecular pumps, Gas abatement systems