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Announcement of investment in Spiber Inc. and business alliance agreement in the field of structural protein materials manufacturing

March 18, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) is pleased to announce that we have invested (total investment of 1.0 billion yen) in and signed a basic business alliance contract with Spiber Inc. (“Spiber”). Through this alliance, EBARA will improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process of structural protein materials developed by Spiber 1 and also develop opportunities to utilize Spiber’s materials for EBARA Group’s products.

1. Background
In our management policy, EBARA states that “The Group strives to maintain the highest standard of technological development capabilities in each business domain, aiming at continuous improvement in product performance. The Group actively pursues fledgling technologies independent of its operations with the aim of incorporating such know-how in its products, and markets products with technical features that no other competitors have.” With this agreement with Spiber, which possesses outstanding technologies in the development and production of structural protein materials, we will contribute to the efficiency of their manufacturing process through the EBARA group’s technologies. We will also develop opportunities to improve our products by using Spiber’s structural protein materials.

2. Outline
Under the agreement, EBARA will utilize EBARA Group’s technologies and collaborate with Spiber for the following purposes:
(1) To increase the efficiency of Spiber’s manufacturing process to prepare for mass production of structural protein materials
(2) To further enhance the performance of Ebara Group’s products by utilizing structural protein materials as alternative materials or add-in materials

3. Future Plans
EBARA will work with Spiber to transform the materials industry, and strive for innovation in product functionality as well as expansion of product applications in the industrial machinery field.

Overview of Spiber
Spiber is a start-up founded in 2007 for the development of protein materials, which are expected to become sustainable next-generation key materials. The company intends to explore the industrial sector in the future, and is currently developing a large-scale protein fermentation plant in Thailand for the mass production of structural protein materials, targeting commercial production in 2021.

Name Spiber Inc.
Representative Kazuhide Sekiyama,
Director and Representative Executive Officer
Founded September 26, 2007
Type of business New-generation biomaterial development
*1 Structural protein materials developed by Spiber
Spiber's proprietary Brewed Protein™ materials are made from structural proteins produced by microbial fermentation. This production process, which primarily utilizes plant resources, does not rely on petroleum or animals for its main raw materials. The characteristics of Brewed Protein materials can be modified according to end-product needs, and development is ongoing towards applications for use in the apparel, automotive, and various other industries. The “Brewed Protein” name derives from the unique fermentation process used to create the materials.