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Delivery of Ventilation system for a Tunnel on the Metropolitan Expressway’s Yokohama Circular Northwest Route

April 1, 2020

Φ2800mm horizontal axial flow exhaust fans
Φ1250mm jet fans

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) delivered ventilation equipment for ventilating stations and a tunnel on the Yokohama Circular Northwest Route (the Northwest Route) ordered by Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.

1. Background and Purposes
The Northwest Route is a part of the Yokohama Circular Route road network in Yokohama city, Kanagawa. It is a 7.1km route connecting the coastal Yokohama Route and the inland Tomei Expressway, a part of which is a tunnel road with an approx. 4.1km width. It facilitates access to the Tokyo Metropolitan area and enhances logistics efficiency, and improves traffic congestion on local streets in the neighborhood. Ventilation equipment installed in the tunnel section, improves the environment inside and the surrounding area ensures safety in case of an emergency, and fulfills other purposes to perform the high precision control of ventilation.

2. Overview
Inside the tunnel, the air volume, flow rate, particulate concentration distribution in the air, and pressure balance are changing all the time. Based on these factors, EBARA built an advanced ventilation control system that calculates repeatedly. In accordance with the in-tunnel environment, the system will ensure the efficient operation of each ventilation equipment to reduce operating cost.

EBARA delivered silencers as well to reduce the operating noise of exhaust fans to consider the urban environment in the Northwest Route area.

Overall Project
1 Ordering
Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.
2 Project name (Contract work) Tunnel ventilation equipment project for the Metropolitan Expressway’s Yokohama Circular Northwest Route
3 Construction period February 21, 2017 to March 10, 2020
4 Ventilation system Concentrated-exhaust, vertical-flow ventilation system

Each Piece of Equipment
Facility name Equipment name Number of units Specifications
Higashigata Ventilation Station Air supply and exhaust fan 2 units Fan diameter: 2800 mm
Flow rate: 151m3/s
Wind pressure: 2100Pa
Motor output: 490 kW
Silencers 1 set -
Devices to install and remove equipment
Distribution boards
Automatic ventilation controller
Other incidental equipment
1 set -
Kita-Hassaku Ventilation Station Air supply and exhaust fan 2 units Fan diameter: 2800mm
Flow rate: 145m3/ s
Wind pressure: 2100 Pa
Motor output: 470 kW
Silencers 1 set -
Devices to install and remove equipment
Distribution boards
Other incidental equipment
1 set -
Inside the tunnel Jet fans 32 units Fan diameter: 1250 mm
Measuring equipment 1 set -

3. Future Plan
The market size of the tunnel ventilation in Japan is approx. 3.0 billion yen per year. There has been growing demand for the replacement and maintenance of aging equipment. With more than 90 years of history in fan technology and a proven track record of delivering equipment in Japan, EBARA will enhance and continue to providing diverse products and services. We will contribute to the development of social infrastructure that enables people to live safely and securely.

The EBARA Group will contribute to the society and the resolution of social issues toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business, while simultaneously increasing the social, environmental, and economic value.

Build safe, resilient, and sustainable cities