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Webinar at EBARA overseas group companies

May 27, 2020

Announcement of webinar at Ebara Pumps Malaysia

Along with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus worldwide, EBARA overseas group companies provide webinars (online seminars) to people such as sales subcontractors or engineers in the construction industry due to restrictions of sales activities which include face-to-face meetings with customers.

In order to contribute to creation of a sustainable society as we strive for Material Issues in our long term vision “E-Vision2030”, the EBARA Group supports the safe and reliable social infrastructure and people’s lives.

On April 30, Ebara Pumps Malaysia Sdh. Bhd. (EPM)provided webinar* to explain the informative knowledge on pumps as well as technical information how to select the right pumps for the right application. Other than EPM, Ebara Pumps Europe S.p.A. (EPE), Ebara Machinery India Private Limited (EMI)and Ebara Bombas America do Sul Ltda.(EBAS)offer webinars as well and promotes not in-person sales.

The EBARA Group will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and further enhance the corporate value through tackling the ESG materiality in accordance with our long term vision and medium term business plan.

*Webinar at Ebara Pumps Malaysia