CSR Management

EBARA’s Support for the Region Affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake

June 14, 2016

EBARA CORPORATION extends its heartfelt sympathy to the people affected by the Kumamoto earthquake. We sincerely hope for the rapid recovery of the region.

In order to restore the safe and secure lives of the people in the affected region, we must recover the social infrastructure facilities and industrial facilities that serve as the basis of the region’s economy as soon as possible. The Ebara Group will remain firmly committed to providing support for the recovery from the earthquake disaster.

  • In response to our customers’ requests, we began sending out engineering specialists to the distribution sites within the region where they supported the efforts to recover delivery equipment and facilities shortly after the initial shock occurred on April 15.
    Emergency inspections are underway by undertaking patrol operations to check pumps and electric equipment used in water supply and sewerage systems as well as drainage facilities, and air-conditioning equipment at hospitals, public buildings and facilities, and hotels. We are making all-out efforts at the factory in order to ship products out as quickly as possible to meet the demand for recovery in the region’s infrastructure facilities, including pumps used in living facilities and agricultural work.
  • There are quite a few factories and manufacturing facilities related to semiconductors in Kumamoto. An emergency disaster control team was established at the Kumamoto District shortly after the main shock on April 17. The emergency team has since been engaged in responding to requests related to the overhauling and maintenance of our products, as well as providing technical support prior to resuming facility operations.
  • In response to the requests received from local governments in the region, we resumed facility operations at night on April 25 after deploying engineering specialists and operators to waste incineration facilities across the prefecture. We are now organizing the structure to meet future requests for treating the post-disaster waste.