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EBARA Holds CT Business Conference and Plant Tour for Institutional Investors

On September 27, 2019, we held a Compressors & Turbines (CT) Business conference and plant tour for securities analysis and institutional investors at the Sodegaura Plant.

The conference and tour featured participation by 33 individuals representing 27 companies. Ebara representatives in attendance included Fluid Machinery & Systems Company President Noji, Elliott Group Holdings Deputy CEO Miyashita, and Ebara Elliott Representative Director & President Miyamoto.
The purpose of this event was to provide attendees with an overview of current operations, introduce key points in each phase of production, and provide an opportunity to view product manufacturing processes, from machining to assembly, to promote increased understanding of our production technology and quality level.
During the Q&A session following the explanation of operations and the tour, we received numerous questions regarding profitability improvements and the Service & Support (S&S) Business.

We will continue to hold conferences and plant tours to promote further understanding of our business on capital markets.

Date September 27, 2019 (Fri.)
Attendees Nobuharu Noji  Fluid Machinery & Systems Company President
Toshihiko Miyashita  Elliott Group Holdings Deputy CEO
Eiji Miyamoto  Elliott Ebara Turbomachinery Corporation Representative Director & President
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