Investor Relations

Ebara Leadership


Toichi Maeda Chairman & Director of the Company Nomination Committee
Masao Asami Director
Sakon Uda Independent Director Nomination Committee
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Hajime Sawabe Independent Director Chairperson of the Compensation Committee
Hiroshi Oeda Independent Director Lead Independent Director
Chairperson of the Nomination Committee
Masahiro Hashimoto Independent Director Chairperson of the Audit Committee
Junko Nishiyama Independent Director Compensation Committee
Mie Fujimoto Independent Director Compensation Committee
Hisae Kitayama Independent Director Audit Committee
Akihiko Nagamine Director Audit Committee

Executive Officers

Masao Asami President
Representative Executive Officer
Nobuharu Noji Executive Officer President, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company
Responsible for Chillers Business, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company
Yoshiaki Okiyama Executive Officer Division Executive, Standard Pump Business Division, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company
Chairman, Ebara Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
Hideki Yamada Executive Officer Division Executive, Custom Pump Division, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company
Akihiro Kida Executive Officer Division Executive, System Business Division, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company
Michael T. Lordi Executive Officer Responsible for Compressors and Turbines Business, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company
Director CEO, Elliott Group Holdings, Inc.
Atsuo Ohi Executive Officer President, Environmental Engineering Company
Chairman and Representative Director, EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd.
Tetsuji Togawa Executive Officer President, Precision Machinery Company
Seiji Katsuoka Executive Officer Division Executive, Equipment Division, Precision Machinery Company
Shu Nagata Executive Officer Division Executive, Corporate Strategic Planning and Human Resources Division
Toru Nakayama Executive Officer Division Executive, Legal, Internal Control, Risk Management and General Affairs Division
Shugo Hosoda Executive Officer Division Executive, Finance & Accounting Division
Hiroyuki Kowase Executive Officer Division Executive, Information & Communication System Division
Hiroshi Sobukawa Executive Officer Responsible for Technologies, R&D & Intellectual Property
Division Executive, Advanced Technology Division, Precision Machinery Company