Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund

EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund (EHMF) was founded in 1989 to increase mutual understanding and amicable relationships, mainly with Southeast Asian countries, by international cooperation activities through technology-related assistance.

EHMF is a non-profit social contribution program. It follows the belief of the late Seiji Hatakeyama, former President of EBARA Corporation, that should co-exist with regional communities and work for their prosperity.

Activities are summarized as follows:

1 . Sponsoring of seminars, and short courses, and workshops for technology transfer featuring EBARA's accumulated expertise, held mainly at overseas universities, and
2 . Assisting in the research of small-scale technologies that suit local needs.

EBARA technical Seminar

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Short-term Technical Courses

In response to strong requests by developing regions, EHMF has organized 274 small and large seminars, workshops, and training courses in 20 countries, and has attracted 13,238 participants in total as of the end of June, 2019.
The organizers are local universities or colleges and public institutions. EHMF sends experienced engineers to provide lectures and contribute to improving their technological capability. The participants are mainly local engineers from government, public, and private sectors. The courses cover practical contents such as planning, designing, and maintaining public facilities and industrial foundations.
In addition, EHMF works jointly with Asia Institute of Technology, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City and Institute of Technology of Cambodia to organize training courses. Each course offers unique opportunities for international cooperation.

Research Support

EBARA has started an initiative to donate business and engineering knowledge, as well as pump models, to universities in the developing world in response to the need for these regions to have access to the latest technology. These donations are seen as crucial to these areas as they do not have the necessary funding or experience to develop their own research and education programs.

Starting in 2015, EBARA has donated a water supply unit and a working cross sectioned model to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, Cambodia , the industrial university of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, Thammasat University Thailand and Yangon Technological University.